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Default Re: EC Final Standing ? Anyone willing to make bold predictions ?

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Maybe, but they will be a Top 3-4 team at worst this year, so there is a more potential to grab higher seeds.

Rose is going to be a major X-Factor. If he returns to some what of the form in his 10-11 and 11-12 seasons, the Bulls are on pace for 60+ wins just like they were in those 2 seasons.

The Bulls always play the Heat hard in the regular season and might return above the Heat again in the standings. However, like most, I don't think Rose returns to that form which is why I keep the Bulls under the Heat. This could possibly change, though.

I still think their another scoring wing away from being an actual contender, though.

If it was just Scola, then maybe not. But with a healthy Danny Granger, who was their best player for years, Scola, and another 3 point threat in Chris Copeland... and you've got your potential #1 seed. Their offense will be much better and their defense was already #1 last year.

Hibbert/Mahinmi/West/Scola/George/Granger ? That's my vote for the best best front court this coming season, it's just so well-rounded at full strength.

I honestly don't understand how many people are sleeping on this team. They probably would have been in the Finals last year with Granger or even not for incompetence in Game 1 of that ECF. I think timing is perfect right now for this team to win the #1 seed and possibly win an NBA title too.

Well, LeBron is the key for his and other teams fortunes (incase he does get that major injury). He does it all for that team, but I still think fatigue is going to be a factor for their team. Oden really got overhyped when they acquired him and I don't see how he impacts the game more when he's had a 3+ year layoff over a guy like Granger or Rose for their teams.

The 27+ game win streak has happened only twice in NBA history. Going out on a limb that this next season Heat team won't approach that.

I like Indiana too, but they are no Heat. They've got depth and lots of it, but they've got no superstar and no go to guy. Paul George is on the verge, but he's not there yet. A go to guy is crucial in the NBA IMO. It'll be interesting when they challenge the Heat again in the playoffs, my prediction? Heat in 7.

The argument can be made that Indiana was close, but I've found out through watching so much basketball over the years is that the best teams just find ways to win.

I don't really see Lebron fatigued either, he's probably been resting all summer long. I think we are also dismissing that Lebron hasn't had a serious injury, ever and the Heat are still relatively deep.
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