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Default Re: ESPN-Lakers to finish 12th in West

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Its not an unfair prediction. The only returning starters are Nash, Kobe, and Gasol. The rest are all up in the air. Young role players that are wild cards every game with some washed up veterans such as Kaman can definitely contribute to a 12th seeded team.

Then again a player as great as Kobe can bring the team to 6th place in the West single handedly. However Kobe is also a big question mark because of everything he is going through. When you compare this team to the other teams in the west, they all have players who have been together longer with cemented role players that know how to fit in their systems.

So what do we have? The elements of surprise? Sure, but thats always tricky as well.

I firmly believe that the most important factor will be health. If Kobe, Nash and Pau play atleast 75 games each, then they have a strong chance of making it in the playoffs. It's not like they have totally lost their role players. Hill, Blake, Meeks are pretty good complementary players plus you add some shooters....I understand if Denver got stronger but they lost their proven coach, Iggy who is atleast top 12 SG in the league, then Harrington etc... Did Minny really improved?, Im not sure.
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