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Default Re: ESPN-Lakers to finish 12th in West

3 older vets who are supposedly for all intentions done, a cast of low budget
Has beens and forgotten one year rental journeymen. Toss that with a coach whose last success was with the Suns and all anyone can recall is the horrid fiasco in New York he had along now with the utter failure of last year with The Lakers.

You are ESPN and ranking them anything above 10 would get you laughed at.

I like it. It gives them a reason to work hard, and no one expects ANYTHING from this team.

The players here are better than last season without a doubt save for the Center position which was Dwight. Yet that was only for his Defense and boards. His Offense stank. Yet he was still the Center to have. It just didnt work out and he moved on.

Ranking means Squat. Especially when teams get injured and lose players, fail to click or whatever. It all comes down to the team on the floor at the end of the season and what they can do.

I honestly feel we will be higher than 12th.
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