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I would like to see that though...streetballers vs. nba players. a real game though, none of that weak defense and just lighting up the scoreboard just to entertain the crowd. I'd want a real game to see who's the toughest, who can really ball and bring their game. HOWEVER, i think this should be done in a best of 3 games or 5 games. cuz i know some street ballers will really come back at them if they were to lose the first game...and the nba players could walk on the court thinking they're all that, expecting to cruise to an another easy win against the streetballers and actually get killed soo...i think you see what i mean.i just want a true competitive games NBA vs. STREET. NBA's Best vs. STREET's Best. Play in a serie best of 5 games...2 games indoor for the NBA players, 2 games outdoor for the Street ballers. alternate the courts. 1st game indoor, then 2nd game outdoor, 3rd indoor, 4th outdoor. And then IF it ever gets to this point, Deciding Game 5 at MSG, sell-out crowd, whoever wins it gets bragging rights. this would be awesome to see. david stern wont allow that to happen i bet...wouldnt want his valuable players to get hurt against tough street ballers.
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