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Default Re: 2013-14 Knicks starting lineup

You're wrong. How was Jeremy Lin exposed? You are totally devaluing the PG position simplifying it where you may not truly understand how a PG plays.
This team runs too many ISO plays and you taking a PG off the court makes the team easy to defend and predictable. Someone has to be able to put the team in the right position make plays for other people. JR and Melo look to score thats it most games they dont set anyone else up for easy baskets regularly.

Shump could not bring the ball up consistently well or initiate the offense. His handles arent good enough nor does his mind process information quick enough.

Ron Harper is irrelevant they are not comparable. How come Lebron can bring the ball up? Greatest player in the game play maker. How come Durant can bring the ball up? Puts the defense in a bad position play maker. How come Pippen can bring the ball up? One of the best multi-facet players ever play maker.

Originally Posted by el gringos
I think you and many or most others are confused in thinking a pg in the nba is comparable to the pg position in junior high/high school or even college basketball. At lower than nba levels getting the ball up the court is a huge task, pressing trapping or full court defense. You don't do that in the nba because you can't. Any player 1-3 can break a press with the pass or dribble

Initiating offense w the dribble or the pass is another thing. Is that really what you think shumpert can't do? He can, more importantly they all can- Carmelo and jr are both asked to create for themselves and others as much or more than Felton. The only area Felton does the most is in the p&r game (which is not what the team should be built around)

People are way too locked into the idea of "positions" not even realizing that positions are defensive - it's who you cover, it doesn't mean what that player should do in the offense regardless of skillset.

So I'm believing you think Felton makes the team better offensively? Because its clear to all how much better of a defensive team you'd be with shumpert and jr. Offensively shumpert at pg and jr at sg would mean mismatches every game, maybe 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 3. Put Felton out there and it just makes it much easier to defend the Knicks

If you can know that your tougher to defend and much tougher defending the other team how do you not want that?

Shumpert is not a pg? What made Ron Harper a pg? Did Derek fisher create offense for others or was he a shooter that defended pg's?

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