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Default Re: When the other team plays zone

Originally Posted by solar.hands
any tips?
i got above arevage perimeter shooting, usually from the corner and wings, i cant dribble but when the defender tries to close in i always tend to fake my shot and attack the rim so i always get stripped, handchecking is allowed here though.
i also wanted to shoot over the big guys.

any help from you guys would be much appreciated.

Dunno what to tell you if you can't dribble well. I keep the ball low and get to my spot. Find a cutter or shooter if you can't get to the rim. Don't hold the ball. Make a move quickly. Take open space in front of you or shoot a shot you can make quickly.

Practice your handles so you can slice through holes in zone which is so easy in pick-up. I shoot more jumpers against man-defense than zone actually.

I shoot a lot of floaters too since the middle is so open.
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