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Default Re: Still Hate The Trade

Originally Posted by dd24
Jennings would be part of the Rondo trade. The rumors were when Rondo comes back teams want to see if he's 100% healthy and playing the way he was before. By that time the Pistons could trade Jennings. There's no way they would keep both of them in the backcourt. Chauncey is at the end of his career. While he would like to start, I'm not sure he will. I think Jennings will be the starter. At 8 million per season, it's not like Jennings is on a bad contract either. He's a clear upgrade from Knight, so I'm fine with the trade. While we're probably still a piece away the team is obviously better and will be a lot of fun to watch. I'm very interested in seeing how this team develops chemistry.

Yea, after my overreaction and simmering on this trade, I'm ok with it. At least we have a really talented group of players at each position and a fun team to look forward to. To hoping we land a good backup C. (I'm not opposed to the Jason Collins talks)

Even if we are stuck in mediocrity for a little bit, it'll be fun to instill some fear into other teams and we still have room to make moves anyways.

7/10 Joe D. Please at least get a 6th seed this year.
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