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Default Re: Still Hate The Trade

Originally Posted by ZMonkey11
Yea, after my overreaction and simmering on this trade, I'm ok with it. At least we have a really talented group of players at each position and a fun team to look forward to. To hoping we land a good backup C. (I'm not opposed to the Jason Collins talks)

Even if we are stuck in mediocrity for a little bit, it'll be fun to instill some fear into other teams and we still have room to make moves anyways.

7/10 Joe D. Please at least get a 6th seed this year.

I've said forever that I would hate to be stuck in mediocrity. I look at the team we have right now like this though, at least we have tradeable assets now. I think every team in the league would listen to an offer involving Drummond, Monroe, Smith, Stuckey, KCP, and Jennings. Then we have those other fillers like CV, Billups, Bynum, etc. We're in a position to make a huge move if we need to or want to.

This is a team that was able to play .500 ball for stretches when they were healthy previously. Adding in Smith, KCP, Chauncey, Jennings, and hopefully a much better Drummond should equal a squad that really suprises people. We have a lot of depth, so this is a team that should be able to throw many different looks at teams depending on matchups. The only thing I don't like is we play in the toughest division in basketball. Chicago and Indiana are both obviously very good. I really like what Cleveland did too. I think their deciding factor is Bynum. If he can stay healthy, he & Irving are going to be a scary combo. They're young, athletic, can shoot & defend. I think people are kind of sleeping on them. All four of those teams are all built to match up with each other too. We're all just going to end up beating up on each other and then all of our records will suffer, but it won't mean that we aren't better than probably quite a few teams with better records in weaker divisions.

I'd like to see them land another solid big man too. I don't think it's necessarily as big of a deal as the Pistons are making it though. We have Smith who can play the 4 with Drummond or Monroe. We have CV who can stretch the floor with those guys too. We can't forget about Jerebko either. I am opposed to signing Collins. I think he's too old to make a difference. He'd just sit the bench. I'd much rather go after a younger guy who hasn't had that much of a chance. Sign him for the minimum and see what happens. This is kind of the tough part about letting Kratsov go in that trade I guess. I actually think he has a chance to be a decent backup in the league. He had a couple decent games last season and played well in summer league.
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