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Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Your insecurity is shining through your post. You're all over the place here. First, you talk about all the money the NCAA would lose. Well, duh. That doesn't change the fact that Bryant is right: Letting Manziel go unpunished is hypocritical. Then you talk about the level of evidence. Come on. The NCAA reads the news, we all know Manziel has been selling autographs. 4400 freebies? Get real. 6 different brokers claiming to have been paid? The reality is that the NCAA doesn't want to dismiss their cash cow and are looking for an excuse not to kill the Alabama/A&M showdown. The outcome of the Newton case doesn't change that fact, really the Newton case just shows what a joke the NCAA really is. They decided that it was just his dad taking money and the son (who once bought a stolen laptop) was completely innocent. "Read up."

The NCAA is ridiculous. Like how they let Terrelle Pryor play in the bowl game with his suspension beginning the next season.

I'm not saying Manziel is definitely getting a suspension. I'm just agreeing with the statement that Dez Bryant made: If they don't suspend Manziel the NCAA is showing how hypocritical they are.


The most likely outcome is that some time after the Alabama game, maybe this season, maybe after this season, they declare that Manziel violated the rules. If A&M is on top of the SEC he'll be "clean" the whole season. If they stumble he'll be "guilty" sometime around mid-season.

But your idea that what's holding them up is a lack of evidence? That's almost funny. The NCAA has all the power here, they can do whatever they want and always have. That's why Dez Bryant lost a whole season for lying about a meal.

Just more speculation and lack of real proof. If Manziel isn't suspended, it won't be hypocritical because they just didn't have any direct proof of him receiving the money.

And I don't believe it's the brokers themselves that are coming out saying he was paid. Just witnesses and "sources."

There's zero evidence of cash payment. Where am I denying the NCAA isn't a joke? I'm just stating the Newton case is a decent parallel.

Former Auburn players claiming Newton was paid=witnesses and sources claiming Manziel was paid

Zero evidence came about. If Manziel is suspended with zero evidence, they'll be hypocritical since Newton was innocent as well.
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