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Default Re: If Okafor took a paycut, would you trade Hill for him?

Originally Posted by $LakerGold
Well, I believe that Okafor can do so much more than Hill, defensively. Let's say the heat makes an unusual rotation change during a game & that forces Pau to guard their center. So that leaves Bosh/Hill, & we all know that Bosh is just going to outsmart Hill on the paint, whereas Okafor is a defensive minded type of player and has the ability to contain Chris Bosh. His only problem is that he's not quicker than Hill, but he is solid. Look, the Heat are the best right now, & that's why the Lakers has to settle or make changes for their lineup, & if they do that, that would mean that they're also ready for the rest of the teams in the league ... they're like a guinea pig.

lol no...lakers play heat only 2 times next year and u dont make changes for 2 games a yr
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