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Default Re: 2013 College Football Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Balla_Status
Just more speculation and lack of real proof. If Manziel isn't suspended, it won't be hypocritical because they just didn't have any direct proof of him receiving the money.

And I don't believe it's the brokers themselves that are coming out saying he was paid. Just witnesses and "sources."
"Read up."
There's zero evidence of cash payment. Where am I denying the NCAA isn't a joke? I'm just stating the Newton case is a decent parallel.
A broker saying that he paid Manziel is evidence.

Former Auburn players claiming Newton was paid=witnesses and sources claiming Manziel was paid

Zero evidence came about. If Manziel is suspended with zero evidence, they'll be hypocritical since Newton was innocent as well.
And again we are just seeing how ridiculous the NCAA is. They said Newton's father was paid but not Newton. Let's be real here, they just didn't want to wreck the National Championship game. Just like having Pryor's suspension begin the next season so he could play in the bowl.
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