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Default Re: If a juiced up roger clemens is pitching to a juiced up barry bonds...

Steroids completely ruined the sport for me. I can't watch it anymore and dont see a point. One of the best parts of baseball is the extensive history of statistics of past players and how you can compare them to current players. Nowadays there is absolutely no point. Everyone is cheating.

I watch Adrian Beltre be complete garbage for YEARS on the dodgers, repeatedly being told he's a great prospect, then all of a sudden, coincidentally his contract year, he comes back suddenly beefed up and hits 48 home runs and becomes one of the most feared hitters in baseball for a year, then goes to seattle and sucks for the rest of his life, what's the point of watching this shit?

I watched Eric Gagne go for some kind of saves record, everyone calls him the most dominant closer ever, then it comes out he was juicing, it's obvious to anyone anyways because he's always getting injured.

What is the point of praising these athletes when they are all cheating?

How many times has Roger Maris's record been shattered? Now history books will write him off and all these drugged up cheaters will take his place. The whole sport itself disgusts me know and I used to really be a huge fan of baseball and even played on the school team my freshman year.

Every great accomplishment you have to question now, completely took the joy out of the game for me.
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