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Default Re: 2013 College Football Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Real Men Wear Green
Sexual fantasies aside, there is a big difference because there is videotape of Manziel signing for thus broker, which makes this broker's accusation weightier than your disturbing imagination.

Was just thinking of an extreme example of how an accusation is not proof of anything.

BTW, per Joe Shad, the video does not have a discussion of any payment amount, does not show him accepting money, and so far won't be released by the anonymous source.

So that video is not proof or evidence of jack squat.

The NCAA cannot just suspend somebody b/c a reporter claims to have seen a video. They have to actually see it themselves too.

I highly doubt the broker will give the video to the NCAA b/c it will pretty much end his ability to get other famous athletes to sign for him.

I also doubt the NCAA wants it b/c they would then be forced to start investigating all of the other big time star names who all have tons of signed merch being sold by the same dealers that have all the Johnny stuff.

The NCAA is not going to want to turn this season into a Tour de France style attack on all the big names in the major conferences. They can't afford it with the power 5 threatening to start up their own division.
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