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I've liked this season probably more than last to be honest. It's been a little more internalized for Dexter, which I've liked. And as much as people are saying it's unfocused, I actually feel like they've trimmed a lot of the fat. No more Laguerta. No real massive bad guy to focus on. And Batista being window dressing has actually helped that character. The more he has to do the worse it is usually. And I did like it better before Masuka got the daughter storyline jammed on us. Although I did like seeing her waitressing topless.

It's allowed them to focus on Dex and Deb for long stretches, which helped. And then more to Dr. Vogel.
I think the brain surgeon is most likely Dr. Vogel herself at this point. Although I could see somehow Quinn breaking bad to a degree and killing Zach, then making it look like The Brain Surgeon, although I'm sure I wouldn't like that much, so to me it's gotta be Vogel.

Also, for what it's worth, last night's True Blood, which has been horrible, like truely horrible the way Zen is saying this is, was probably the best single episode the series has had since midway through season two. It was still horrid in it's own way for sure, and had some really terrible spots (Warlo's fantasy world was among the worst things ever put on celluloid), but the pacing bouncing between characters, having the town drawn back together. And hitting on a social metaphor with the Hep V crisis, was the cleverest the show has been probably since season one.
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