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Default Go to move. picking your spots

Whats your go to move when trying to score the basketball? is it something you practise or just whats developed through playing?

My go to move would have to be a step through, i rarely practise the move but i do practise finishing under the basket either hand from similar spots. Its predicated on the defense and its just what i naturally started doing, it pretty effective especially if you do it to score and not just get the foul (always leads to frustration).

A friend aways goes to the fadeway from the post/high post. He can seemingly get it to fall no matter whos guarding. I dont have anything like this, i only seem to score effortlessly if the defence bites on a fake. I used to pull up from the elbow area but i never felt automatic so ive tended to move the ball around instead or spot up for threes.

What moves (or spaces on the floor) do you guys feel confident that its money?
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