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Default Re: ESPN-Lakers to finish 12th in West

Lakerfreak, I agree with what you said above about bringing in Kurt. I felt that way too. DK, I also agree.... let Jeanie pick lol. Hollins would've been a really good fit with the roster had Dwight stayed. Right now I think it would be better to feel out what would be FA's the Lakers might have a chance at then decided on a coach from there. I'm actually a little worried that Pau may not stay either. Think about it, with 'Antoni here I don't see how Pau would like to continue playing for him. The Lakers FO hasn't really had his back for years. Pau did get traded once....... He's constantly been in trade rumors. If he really was going to take a pay cut, he might feel that going to a team that's already in contention would be the way to go (another reason why we need to keep Hill on the roster). I'd like to see Pau finish his career here. I'm not certain it's going to happen though. The one huge thing that could keep him here is Kobe. Kobe has always stood up for Pau. He's always had his back saying he didn't want him traded and Pau has always been the big man that Kobe has preferred to play with. If Pau stays it will be because of Kobe more than anything.
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