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Default Re: pickup/league play Weekly brag (post yours here!)

Originally Posted by KungFuJoe
I'm probably the oldest guy in the league at 39 but man, I keep looking over at the 35 and over leagues and those guys look like they're in their I guess as long as I can still hang with the young guys. Getting tougher and tougher though. I can always put up a good first half...but it's that second half that has me gassed and legs feeling like I tied weights to them.
Ha, I've been thinking about that (the 35 and over leagues). I'm 29 right now and I've kind of wondered from time to time what older leagues might be like. I'm guessing the people still really into the game and healthy remain playing in the non-35 year old leagues, like you do, yeah? Have you ever run in a 35+ league? Are 35 year olds looked at like spry young teenagers, so full of energy?
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