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Default Re: Go to move. picking your spots

Originally Posted by Rake2204
With an approaching live dribble, my go-to move is an in-and-out dribble with a strong stutter. Very often, that sets up my second go-to move, the in-and-out to cross - which is a less smooth, more frantic version of this (without the spin and sick floater): The chances of me breaking someone's ankles off of a standard crossover size up are microscopic. But the chances of me doing so off of my in-and-out stutter to cross are somewhat solid.

This will sound really simple, but my right footed jab step is one of my go-to moves as well. I'm not an ambi-jabber (I never jab using my left foot) so I think all my power, speed, and repetition has been concentrated to my right, which may make it a little more effective than normal. If it works correctly, it usually sets up a strong left-handed drive or clean spot up look.

Lastly, I'm not sure if this is a go-to per se, but the move that most has my name on it in my area is the one Francis pulls off in this video at the 9 and 24 second mark - the little one-two step, right-to-left fallaway: I picked it up from Francis when I first saw that video in '01 and it's something that's just clicked with me. I don't quite understand why it's so accurate, but I'm not complaining.

Rake I find the in and out to cross is a great way to see what kind of a defender you are up against too... one that bites? One that gambles? Or one that just stands there because their footspeed is too slow but they don't want to gamble. Avery in that video just sort of stood there more or less so Tim had to spin off him because he didn't bite on any of the dribble moves. I remember this one kid getting me on that in and out cross so many times though so I really wanted to get it mastered... I haven't yet really but I continue to practice.

I'd say my most comfortable spot is anywhere in triple threat to be honest... especially on the wing. I am patient and use footwork and pumpfakes to try and get the defender to bite... if I doesn't then unless he's really quick I have confidence that I can blow by him because I am comfortable going right or left, spinning if he's able to stay with with me, and then just an array of head/pump fakes to keep them off balance.

As far as dribble moves go... My crossover is pretty effective, but I feel the lowest risk/highest reward dribble is this type of move here: and of course I finish over my opponents in a similar manner. No but honestly I can't tell you how much separation dribbles like that get me at times... I almost can't believe it because it's so basic.
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