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Default Re: Greatest QB performance you've ever seen

Favre vs the Raiders on MNF after his dad passed was one of the best I've ever seen. Not because of his statline per se (still 399 yards, 4 TD) but some of the passes and how they dropped perfectly into his receivers who sometimes had a DB draped on them. The passes were just magical, the emotional implications made it even moreso. Transcending stuff

Vick's game versus Washington was impressive, no doubt. I remember him making some pretty sweet throws. However, our defense was shit that season and Landry had no business playing Free Safety in the NFL, at least within that scheme. The entire game was so dejected that the Redskins brought nothing to the table after falling behind 21-0. Vick barely had to exert his skillset to score on those 2 rushing TDs. They pretty much gave up before the first half ended because that team was awful.
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