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Default Re: Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years

Originally Posted by Jameerthefear
Wait can someone explain this to me?

basically bradley manning saw this video

and he tried to get someone in the military to prosecute this atrocity. Everyone being killed were civilians. They also shot at the people that went to try to save the dying victims, kill a father and his 2 kids.

The pentagon refused to do anything. Manning tried to get American news outlets like the NY times to publish the story, they refused. Eventually he was forced to release the info to wikileaks. The government was embarrassed and wanted to make an example out him, so that nobody would ever have the courage to blow the whistle on their crimes in the future.

Bradley Manning Uncovered U.S. Torture, Abuse, Soldiers Laughing As They Killed Innocent Civilians

read that report to see all the stuff he exposed that our government was trying to hide. Basically the government is punishing him for exposing their crimes. Punish the whistleblower ignore the crimes being exposed = modern American government.

1. The 'Collateral Murder' Apache helicopter video
Manning released this graphic video of a U.S. Apache helicopter attack on a group of people gathered in Baghdad. Two were employees of the Reuters news agency. A member of the helicopter crew refers to the "dead bastards" he killed, and the crew lights up a passing van that stopped to help victims of the first round of gunfire.

2. The Reykjavik-13 cable
Far less known than the Apache video was this classified 2010 cable from the U.S. Embassy in Reykjavik released on Feb. 18, 2010. The first of Manning's leaks to be published, it caused an immediate sensation in Iceland for its frank discussion of U.S. indifference toward problems in the small island nation's banking sector.

3. The Iraq War Logs

4. The Afghanistan War Logs

5. Detention, abuse and torture
Manning's leaks included more than 700 Guantanamo detainee files, many revealing that the U.S. had little reason to continue holding its prisoners. The 250,000 State Department cables he leaked detailed U.S. diplomatic pressure on foreign countries to ignore or excuse extraordinary renditions carried out by the CIA in apparent violation of international law. They also showed that the U.S. routinely failed to investigate reports of prisoner abuse and summary execution by the Iraqi military.

6. U.S. complicity with repressive Arab regimes
It was no surprise to many living in the Arab world that the United States routinely collaborated with Arab dictators behind closed doors while proclaiming its commitment to democracy in public. Manning's leaks of sensitive State Department cables, however, laid bare the American hypocrisy in the Middle East. By some accounts, they served as a catalyst for the regime changes around the region that would come to be known as the Arab Spring.

The only thing manning did wrong was not running as far and as fast as he could, like snowden.
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