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Default Re: Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years

Originally Posted by KevinNYC
If you think Manning's sole motivation was heroic, you're wrong. Revenge was one of his big motivations as well. Which is why he didn't just release information on wrongdoing, but grabbed everything he could steal, because he was in a ****ed up place and hated the army. He released tons of shit he never even looked at.

He was in a ****ed up place for a lot of reasons, but probably the biggest was he feels he was born a woman (I can't imagine what living with that in the army must be like) and just broken up with his first boyfriend. Even he was discovered as the leaker, he was going to be discharged from the army because he punched a female soldier in the face. Even before he joined the Army he pulled a knife on his stepmother.

So he had a lot of issues going on and in addition, he realized he hated being in the Army and felt the War he was part of was unjustified.

If you think Manning was a cut and dried hero, you're wrong. You're denying him his complications, his flaws and his essential humanity if you prefer the cardboard version of him. His courtroom statement to me reads like someone who has spent some time thinking about what he did and why and honestly regrets the choices he made. If you want to read more about Manning, I recommend this.

Yes, Manning exposed wrongdoing. He also committed a bunch too. I feel sorry for the kid.

He was transgender/transexual not a transvestite. He didn't merely want to dress in women's clothes (some men who do that are completely straight) he was looking into hormone therapy and sexual reassignment surgery. It would not have mattered, if it wasn't the cause of great stress in his life. Several of his fellow soldiers thought he was near a breakdown. Manning himself has described how deeply unhappy he was. Again this is guy who pulled a knife on his stepmother and punched a female solider in the face, if he was thinking clearly, he could have thought more clearly about the consequences of his actions. Remember he plead guilty to multiple crimes. Crimes he had taken oathes to uphold multiple times.

Typical KevinNYC post. You always seem to go on an ad hominem attack on the person if you disagree with them/their actions.. You try to discredit the guy and try to make him look guilty by digging up scandalous dirt on him. Newsflash this isn't E! or some celebrity gossip magazine, we don't give a shit if he thought he was a woman or if he likes men..

Him being a transgender and private details about his life isn't relevant to the case on hand. Him being a transgender doesn't change the fact that US soldiers were massacring some civillians.

You're basically saying he should go to jail because he was a transgender which is SAD
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