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Default Re: Bradley Manning sentenced to 35 years

Originally Posted by knickballer
Typical KevinNYC post. You always seem to go on an ad hominem attack on the person if you disagree with them/their actions.. You try to discredit the guy and try to make him look guilty by digging up scandalous dirt on him. Newsflash this isn't E! or some celebrity gossip magazine, we don't give a shit if he thought he was a woman or if he likes men..

Him being a transgender and private details about his life isn't relevant to the case on hand. Him being a transgender doesn't change the fact that US soldiers were massacring some civillians.

You're basically saying he should go to jail because he was a transgender which is SAD

No, I'm saying he should go to jail because he clearly committed serious crimes, crimes that he plead guilty too. Just because someone did something worse doesn't change that. He's guilty.

As for him being transgender, I do think it's relevant. This is a perfect post about denying Bradley Manning his contradictions and his humanity. You think the fact he feels he is a woman is scandalous and dirty. You claim I think he should go to jail because he was transgender. No. I think his being transgender in the army was a source of enormous psychological stress that contributed to his not thinking straight. If you can't see the empathy in my earlier statement, that's on you. It's also the same argument that Manning lawyers used in his defense.

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