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Default Re: 4th Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by baseketball4life
IDK man, AP has been my favorite RB since entering the league and his comeback off injury has been highly inspirational to me even in real life. (I had surgery to repair a torn Achilles May 3rd this year) and I'm on pace to be 100% and back to sports October 1st. Which wouldn't even mark 5 months? That's a 9-12 month injury usually but I spent this entire summer working out + rehabbing basically - on pace to crush that timetable and people like him and Kobe have a lot to do with it. I doubt I move the pick but I will listen.
That's a great recovery on your ACL. Modern medicine/rehabilitation has taken several massive leaps forward in injury recovery over the past 15 years, specifically when it comes to ligaments. Still, it's a scary injury and there are hurdles left even after you make a physical recovery.

That was maybe the most amazing thing about AP last year. The mental aspect of blowing out your knee can take years to recover from if you ever do at all. Having experienced a catastrophic injury, going all-out and full speed even in situations like that which caused the injury can be terrifying.

AP showed no fear. That's one strong-willed mammajamma. I've never had that kind of sports injury, but I have had other less serious ones (major sprains). They stuck with me even today. That guy is not of this earth.

As for the pick, I understand why you'd keep it and I understand why you'd shop it. It's great to have AP... Sucks to wait 23 picks to get your second and third guys.
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