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Originally Posted by Lebron23
Kobe is a better scorer than Lebron James because he is already a 12 yr. NBA Veteran this coming 2007-08 Season. Kobe focused on his offense rather than making his teammates better by becoming a better leader on and off the court.

But the argument here is the last 4 years of the career of Kobe and LeBron James 1st 4 years in the NBA.

Lebron being the better player than Kobe..
Lebron is better than Kobe at the age of 22. Lebron is carrying his team. He has no other big name superstar on his team like Kobe did. Kobe can't do it by himself. Don't say Shaq did it without Kobe. Yea, he did. But he had Wade. Shaq couldn't do anything in his early years when he was with the Magic. Lebron is probably one of the best players at the age of 22. If he gets past San Antonio this series, what will people say about him now? What can you say but praise the kid for doing everything by himself without any superstar player on his side. The Cavs are the team of the East for years to come. They will only get better.

Give Lebron Shaq in his prime and they win every series in 4 games.

Another thing, if you look at Kobe's first four years and LJ's first four years you will find that LJ is better. Why? Because LJ got thrown to the wolves his rookiee year... he had nobody to help him do anything. Instead of working on becoming a dominant shooter that scores 50 pts a game, however, he has worked towards growing as a teammate with a bunch of other young guys. Let's be honest, if all of the sudden James forgot how to pass or for whatever reason could no longer trust anyone on his team, then we'd see Bron getting 50 pts every game. He isn't a consistent net-raper like Kobe because he doesn have to be. Kobe's teammates stock only goes down the longer they play with him, and Lebron's teammates stock is soaring right now.

good points.
but the last comments about The team-mates stock.
Kwame. Is a much better player than when he got here.
Smush wasnt in the league. Maybe he hasnt improved anyone
but your saying that lebrons teammates stock is soaring???
Ilguaskas used to be an Allstar
Hughes was Part of a 3 headed monster and was thought to be a top notch player.
Jones was fresh off the heats team as a deadly shooter.
Marshall was a deadly shooter coming from the raptors and was thought to be a great forward.
Gooden was Gooden.
All these players imo are worse than before. They all play roles now and inconsistent roles.
they used to be better especially Hughes. im not saying its lebrons fault as much as it is Mike browns.
But i'll give it to you.
Gibson,Pavolic,Varejao werent spit.
now they are under a great ones wing.
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