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Default Re: Best advice get a GOOD girlfreind by theoo

Originally Posted by Hoodlum Science
No, we straight, fine as cool. The only problem initial thought when you comment "damn sure" conversation not every polite a'boot ass taking pictures when I'm not even into posing for snaps of behind no what time of day it is. You mention one you frequent strip vip bar but only bring apple juice and expected friends to supply all the boozes 'cause you mention you have enough game to lure half a dozen tables full of honey's buzzin' like bees.

I found that offensive highly. Highly in fact so much high I wanted to take a nap but you say in a hurry "we're blocking this guy door moving furniture "LIVINGROOMS - BEDROOMS - OH YEAH! - WE GOT IT!"

Was like you were,
what the fk**
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