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Default Re: R Wilson vs. Kaepernick

Originally Posted by bsyde82
haha, obviously a seahawks homer. Wilson is great, and Hawks are a great team, but as someone who lived in Seattle for 7 years, the Seattle sports homerism is a bit much.

Re: accuracy, Wilson had a 64.1% completion percentage last year averaging 7.9 y/a. Kap had 62.4% at 8.6 y/a. So no, you're just wrong.

They're both very good right now, but it's not debatable that Kap has the much higher upside.
Lol are you serious? 1st of all I don't know what you meant to prove by those stats, Wilson's are better and stats don't tell the whole story on accuracy. The passes Kaepernick completes are simple, anytime he has to complete a tough pass its always incomplete. Wilson on the other hand can make good passes from time to time.

Bolded part above shows how much of an idiot you are
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