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Default Re: Team looks pretty deep

I dont know if the team is deep, but it certainly isnt old anymore.

Toss that one to the side.

My main concern about the team is the defense and the lack of natural defenders.

Artest should be adequate at this stage, but definitely not lockdown anymore, K-Mart as well although i doubt he'll last the full season.

A full season of Shumpert should help alot if he is allowed to play on the wing.

Of course Tyson is the anchor, but where is his backup?

i hope it isnt Amare of Bargnani.

The team should be able to put up points similar to last season, but playoff defenses end all that, and they will have to match the defense to be able to score on the other end....score of their defense.

Doesnt look like it will at the moment.
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