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Default Re: George Zimmerman shops for shotgun!?!?!??

Originally Posted by TheReal Kendall
It's too soon for one.

Plus he just killed someone and got off. The last thing he should be doing is shopping for guns.

And the trial was basically his word against a dead kid's

There was physical evidence supporting his story his defense team laid out at trial.

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Yeah I always walk around starting fights with unarmed kids and then murder them. I'm a tough guy.

There is no evidence he hit trayvon with a punch or a kick or any offensive move other than the single gunshot wound. Unless you believe trayvon managed to break Zim's nose, give him black eyes and cut up the back of his head after being shot, it is somewhat unlikely that Zim initiated the physical portion of the fight.

Clearly Zim initiated the verbal confrontation, but its not at all clear that he initiated the physical portion. There is a chance that he swung on and missed trayvon or that he tried to grab trayvon rather than hit him, but these two claims are unprovable either way.

Obviously Zim is not tough at all. A large part of his defense was establishing his softness and inability to physically defend himself without shooting trayvon.

Anyways Zim's life has an expiration date on it. I said it a while ago and i'm sticking to it. He will be killed in the next 2 years. Anybody can be killed with a gun. Lots of people want to kill zimmerman.
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