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Default Re: Playing while high

Originally Posted by tpols
Know exactly what you mean.. For me I get a lot more creative when I'm dribbling passing etc. It's like every move I make is smoother and you get that total control feeling like you have the ball on a string. Kind of the same when I'm cruising high.. Every turn is smoother, I accelerate at optimum intervals, it just puts you in a zone like no other. much yes.

I mean, not to brag, but I was a very good shooter when I was in high school and til I was about 22-23. I could hit from anywhere on the court. But a string of injuries (broke my ankle, had toe problems, etc) and then my hypoglycemia really affecting's like I "forgot" how to play. I couldn't shoot, I was missing easy lay ups...I was like the basketball equivalent of Steve Sax disease. I couldn't make routine plays...and forget about hitting anything outside of 5 feet. My confidence was SO shattered outside the paint..and even inside, the only thing that saved my ass was that I was a great rebounder and could put back my own misses.

From the age of 25 was like that. No outside game whatsoever...people daring me to shoot like Lebron in game 6. I was airballing threes.

I think I mentioned it before, but in nearly 30 league games (I run in two at the same time) over nearly 2 seasons, I hit three 3 pointers...TOTAL.

Last night....I hit THREE in one game...including one from near NBA range and another right in some dude's face.

In the last 4 games since I been smoking...I've knocked down 7 threes, making over half my attempts. To some, that might be no big deal. To me...I'm mind blown. I'm 39 years old! I haven't shot like that in nearly 15 years!

It's cuz I'm not thinking out there...when I shoot in the game, it's like I'm warming up. I don't even care who's in front of defender doesn't exist. Now, it has caused me some issues...I've gotten my shot blocked a few times because I don't care who's in front of me (and cuz I'm old and can't jump for shit), but I'll take that any day over bricking up shot after shot.
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