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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Detroit Pistons Edition

1. Is Brandon Jennings underrated or is Brandon Jennings overrated?

I don't think he has been overrated or underrated. He is what he is, a highly skilled, shoot first pg who guns. With decent bigs around him, we can finally see where his IQ really is.

2. PROBABILITY FROM 1 to 10 (with 10 being Most Likely): In the year 2018, Andre Drummond will be the best Center in the NBA.

9. Kid is RAW and nearly averaged a double double with a steal and a block and a half in roughly 20 mins of play last year! And the last part of the season, he was doing some WORK. Now he is working with Rasheed Wallace. He has time to develop because of the other skilled bigs in Detroit. I bet ya Wallace would Guaransheed it.

3. AGREE or DISAGREE: After thirteen up-and-down years, Joe Dumars should be fired as GM.

Sadly, yes. He should have been let go after the Gordon, Charlie V. fiasco, but what's done is done. And now he has put some stellar pieces together. So I guess we have to let this one play out while he scavenged to save his job.

4. So wait...Josh Smith is playing the 3? Isn't he better at the 4? And Billups is now a 2? Or will he back up Jennings? And what about Stuckey? Is he starting? Is Bynum marginalized now? Will Villanueva even play or released? Will Smith and Monroe playing together? Aren't Singler and Jerebko gonna get minutes? And how in the blue hell is KCP gonna get in there? And Datome needs minute too right?.........

The Pistons will be using a bunch of looks at the beginning of this season and maybe into the later part of the season. They have a roster that is everywhere, yet has the ability to match up to multiple teams do to it's confused/versality. We might see multiple multiple starting lineups throughout the year.

I also think these moves give Joe D the ability to make a trade if need be. This roster isn't close to final.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Detroit Pistons will make the playoffs this season.

No doubt, no doubt. Question is how far can we go in 3 years from now when everyone has time to gel.

BONUS QUESTION: Better chance of a comeback....Jorts the player or Jorts the shorts.

Jorts the shorts. Jorts the player is buried behind too many bigs. But the fans will get behind him like they did with Darko or The White Mamba.
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