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Default Re: George Zimmerman shops for shotgun!?!?!??

Originally Posted by bdreason
So his first form of defense was lethal force?

Anyways, this is one of those stories you know isn't going to end well. Either Zimm will end up killing someone else, or someone will kill him. As someone else said, wouldn't be surprised if it happened sooner rather than later.

According to zimmerman's defense at trial and consistent with the medical report conducted on zimmerman and trayvon martin's autopsy report. Zim claims to have tried to get trayvon off of him after trayvon had knocked him down and mounted him and was punching zim and was forcing zim's head into the ground. Zim claims to have been incapable of physically stopping his beating and that verbal pleading had no effect as well.

Basically there is no evidence that trayvon martin had any marks on his body indicating he had gotten hit by a punch, kick or any other melee attack. He had a single gunshot wound that was the cause of death.

Look I definitely dont think Zim is some kind of angel. First of all he is a vigilante, which I think should be illegal. If you want to fight crime, great become a cop and receive the training they get. Supposedly Zim tried to become a cop several times and failed. And at a minimum Zim thought trayvon was the person responsible for a recent string of robberies, based on nothing by visually looking at trayvon. This leads me to believe that zim racially profiled trayvon.

His MMA trainer at trial (he was under oath and I dont think anyone would lie at a murder trial for a customer of theirs under oath) testified that he was the physically weakest male he ever met and that he had no aptitude for fighting.

There was evidence presented that trayvon had a habit of fighting. He had gotten suspended from school for fighting. he had multiple text messages where he bragged about winning fights.

based on the zimmerman's 911 call you can tell he thought trayvon was an "asshole that was going to get away", so I think its logical to assume that when he verbally confronted trayvon he was verbally abusive. Based on trayvon's documented communications with other people and zim's physical appearance (trayvon couldnt see his gun at this point) I dont think trayvon would have been intimidated, and he would have also been verbally abusive.

The whole thing escalated and its impossible to prove how it became physical. The physical evidence however imo confirms that the first offensive move that landed was one delivered by trayvon. Maybe Zim attempted an offensive move (eg. swinging at trayvon) but missed. Thats just speculation though. I speculate that trayvon was very offended by Zim, who at a minimum was accusing trayvon of breaking into homes and being a thief. Of which trayvon was completely innocent. Morally I dont blame trayvon for attacking Zim for accusing him of being a Thief and a criminal.

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