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Default Re: ISH Gaming Diary Thread

Playing a few sandbox games that I've had in my backlog. Trying to get them done before GTA 5 consumes my life in a month.

Sleeping Dogs
- Solid fun. Cliched but interesting story and characters with really good voice acting. I really got into it. The gameplay mechanics were alright but everything has pretty much been done better in other games. Melee combat was far superior in the Arkham games while the driving was better in the GTA series.

Just Cause 2
- I'm just finishing this one right now and it ranks right alongside Red Dead Redemption in terms of open-world gameplay. The story doesn't compare but all the ways you can move around the island is amazing. I actually enjoy flying planes and helicopters in this game compared to the frustration of that in the GTA series. A great game that knows its cheesy and supports that with some of the best gameplay and variety around.
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