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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Detroit Pistons Edition


PG - Jennings/Bynum/Siva
SG - Billups/Stuckey/Caldwell-Pope
SF - J.Smith/Singler/Datome
PF - Monroe/Villanueva/Jerebko/Mitchell
C - Drummond/Harrellson

Head Coach - Maurice Cheecks
General Manager - Joe Dumars

1. Is Brandon Jennings underrated or is Brandon Jennings overrated?
This is a difficult one. One the one hand, he has the rep (somewhat deserved) of a chucker. On the other, he averaged almost 7 assists per game and shot better from beyond the arc than any guard the pistons had last year. He clearly takes a couple shots a game that he shouldnt, but he sees the floor better and sets his teammates up better than average. He will be a solid player for detroit and definitely not a liability. He is rated.

2. PROBABILITY FROM 1 to 10 (with 10 being Most Likely): In the year 2018, Andre Drummond will be the best Center in the NBA.
7. The poster saying he wishes he had kwame's offensive skillset doesnt know what he is talking about. He has great hands and a very nice finishing touch (kwame would fumble the ball on an entry pass with his tiny hands). Is he raw? Yes, clearly. Was he incredibly offensively effective last year despite that? yes, clearly. People can clamor for cousins, but that dude is a joke for half of the game you play and a pouter when things dont go his way. That wont change. A Davis has a strong chance to be better, but he may be playing the 4 more. Will Hibbert or Noah or Marc Gasol still be relevant as top centers in 5 years? Probably not. Drummond seems to have the positive attitude and work ethic to go with his incredible (unmatched?) physical skill set in the nba.

3. AGREE or DISAGREE: After thirteen up-and-down years, Joe Dumars should be fired as GM.
He should have been fired several years ago. Now, whats the point. Lets see how this incarnation of the team does.

4. So wait...Josh Smith is playing the 3? Isn't he better at the 4? And Billups is now a 2? Or will he back up Jennings? And what about Stuckey? Is he starting? Is Bynum marginalized now? Will Villanueva even play or released? Will Smith and Monroe playing together? Aren't Singler and Jerebko gonna get minutes? And how in the blue hell is KCP gonna get in there? And Datome needs minute too right?.........
Sort this roster out for us.
Jsmoove is an athlete who will be effective regardless of where he is played. He will play more minutes at the 4 than the 3, even if he starts at the 3.

Drummond (28)/Monroe (20)/Jorts
Monroe (15)/Smoove (20)/JJ or CV (13)/Tony
Smoove (15)/Singler (20)/Datome (8)/JJ (3)
kCP (23)/Stuckey (15)/billups (11)
Jennings (32)/Billups (10)/Bynum (6)/Siva

I think both stuckey and CV will be moved before the deadline, probably with at least one more player going with them. The players with no minutes designation will be inactive alot and will only play spot mins.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Detroit Pistons will make the playoffs this season.

**** yeah its true! Who knows. I sure hope so. I look at about 5 teams for those last 3 spots (atl, bucks, pistons, cavs, wiz). Which one is struck by injury? Which one gets off to a bad start and gets blown up?

BONUS QUESTION: Better chance of a comeback....Jorts the player or Jorts the shorts.

Jorts the nickname. Unless little jean shorts on hot chicks are also called jorts. Then jorts the booty shorts.
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