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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by gigantes
ahem. zimmerman is --not-- in the news because he had his pic taken at a gunshop.

- he is in the news because his attorneys are calling him out publicly, and for the event in question.
- the event in question is... he had his pic taken during a tour of a gun FACTORY, and the pic was passed on to TMZ news.
- it was a private tour conducted by the son of the company founder.
- the factory is the very same one that made the gun zimmerman used on trayvon martin.

For all intents and purposes, it's pretty much the same.

Wouldn't be much different if he went to his local gun store, picked up the same Kel-Tec gun he showed interest in, and posed with it with the guy who runs the store.... Basically the same thing, in the public's eye.

His attorneys called him out after the fact, after it was leaked. His attorneys are pretty much doing damage control for him, I don't even see it as calling him out necessarily as much as they're stating the obvious. They're saying what Zimmerman's PR people would likely say ("we don't agree with it, it's not what we planned, we're going to try and change it blah blah blah")
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