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Default Re: Trayvon Martin Case

Originally Posted by gigantes
youíre still just picking and choosing which angles to analyse it from.

if you canít actually see the foolishness in this on the part of zimmerman, then... well, okay.

but for some, events like this are kind of interesting. is the obliviousness on display here an aberration? or does it fit a pattern? itís just interesting for some.

huh? what am I picking and choosing?

For obvious reasons, posing in pictures at a gun store given his history is not wise and, as I called it a few posts up, egregious.

Having said that, it's probably just some guy taking a FB photo with Zimmerman (enamored by him enough to "give him the tour")... and it got leaked to the public/discovered by the media. If this was deliberate by Zimmerman to provoke the public, I'd be surprised.

Is Zimmerman allowed to have interest in firearms still? Of course. Is he allowed to tour a gun factory? Of course. Should he being doing it publicly? I think that answer is obvious.
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