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Default Re: ISH's FIVE QUESTIONS: Detroit Pistons Edition

1. Is Brandon Jennings underrated or is Brandon Jennings overrated?
A -- What is his rating? I think he's properly rated. He gets "hated on" for his relative inefficiency, but those same people typically mention his potential, as well. He could be very good, but thus far he has only been good enough to get another shot to be very good.

2. PROBABILITY FROM 1 to 10 (with 10 being Most Likely): In the year 2018, Andre Drummond will be the best Center in the NBA.
A -- 7. Would be higher if I followed college/HS hoops more. Of the players currently in the NBA, I say it's an 8.5-9.

3. AGREE or DISAGREE: After thirteen up-and-down years, Joe Dumars should be fired as GM.
A -- After Gordon and Charlie V he should have been. After a similarly questionable signing in Josh Smith, I wonder what they're waiting for. However, if he pulls off a solid trade involving one of the three bigs, to get a building block at the SG, then I'd re-evaluate.

4. So wait...Josh Smith is playing the 3? Isn't he better at the 4? And Billups is now a 2? Or will he back up Jennings? And what about Stuckey? Is he starting? Is Bynum marginalized now? Will Villanueva even play or released? Will Smith and Monroe playing together? Aren't Singler and Jerebko gonna get minutes? And how in the blue hell is KCP gonna get in there? And Datome needs minute too right?.........
Sort this roster out for us.

A --

Charlie V should never see the court. He is too old and too bad to be a part of a rebuilding team.

5. TRUE or FALSE: The Detroit Pistons will make the playoffs this season.
A -- False. In no order... Miami, Chicago, Brooklyn, NY, Indiana, Washington, Cleveland, Atlanta all make it. Milwaukee, Detroit, Orlando, Charlotte are the next four, in order.

BONUS QUESTION: Better chance of a comeback....Jorts the player or Jorts the shorts.

A -- What are Jorts the Shorts? Harrelson is legit; he has skill. He should make it.
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