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Default Re: the world, america, and black people

Originally Posted by Canelo_Griffin
Op, Google Liberia. Basically the US created the country to send a bunch of former slaves back to Africa. Then those former slaves used the same slave system, used by the American white men of US, to enslave the native African people of the area .. Its considered the shittiest country in the world.. Literally, people have to shit in the sand in the beach because they dont have sewers.
Yep, it's a pretty sad state of affairs over there . But at least General Butt-Naked seems to have turned his life around. I actually think Haiti is the worst country in the world, but that's just my personal opinion.

Why not colonize the Sahara or Darien Gap? It's 2013, we could fly in people and supplies and provide support for them until they manage to fully support themselves.

What about building some sort of structure like the principality of Sealand (look it up) off the coasts?
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