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Default Re: the world, america, and black people

Originally Posted by Immortal Bum
to my fellow black posters, do you ever consider the fact that we're the only ones on this planet without a homeland? if this planet got a bit too goofy and decided to repeat world war 2 or merely just adolf's adventures, but this time pushing everyone back to their root country or be killed off for not leaving, black people (of n.america) would be doomed. there is no part of africa in which the black american is all that liked, not to mention why would you go back to the very people that sold you off in the first place (and was upset when the slave trade over here slowed down)? you wouldn't. everyone else has a homeland to run back to, but we do not. even if we could go to africa, we'd still be under the thumb of the rest of the world.

If you are an American citizen you are American. Dont let a vocal minority convince you that the country is extremely racist. many white people 30 or younger dont think about race much at all. I know that Obama being elected isnt the end all be all, but it does prove that in a country where black Americans are less than 13% of the population, more than 52% of the population is voted for being lead by a Black person and I am pretty sure not everyone who voted GOP did so for racial reasons.

our current residence isn't even a country, as the united states is a world trading post. this is wal mart. no one can call this country home; anyone that could is all but killed off. this is the source of the world to trade goods, and that is really all its purpose was ever meant to be, hence why we sold out so easily on producing anything other than arms and consumers (yes, america has all but perfected creating consumers).

This is the first time I have heard it claimed the United States of America was not a nation state. We have lost a lot of our manufacturing but that doesnt make us a non-country. Honestly if you dont consider America a country what do you consider a country? I mean our nationhood is recognized by every single country on earth. Its not like we are Taiwan or Kosovo.

I don't believe any of our core territory is disputed either, Eg, Even a nation like China has numerous disputes about the precise location of its borders with its neighbors.

people are just as racist as they ever were. we've just got a lot more incentive to be tight lipped about it, but as long the sentiment remains, so shall the seeds for such a hallow hate. Obama is a lot more african than he is black american, which does reflect on how so far he hasn't appeared to be a black president. nothing about his time in office makes me feel he's behaved in any manner than a white president wouldn't. he's african, and he didn't grow up in the same environments that the same black who voted for him somehow thinks he can relate to them about, just because his skin is darker.

The bolded is a contradictory statement. The pure fact that nowadays there is strong societal pressure against racism shows how far we have come as a nation in regards to race relations. There was a time where not being a racist was the politically incorrect and controversial position. Nowadays racists are looked down upon. Even the appearance of possible racism is at least indirectly punished/criticised. Eg. workplaces with little diversity.

idk...i'm just wondering what we're going to do. black americans are a product of a market. we aren't looked at as citizens or equal around the world, but as slaves, even today; still bleeding over whips and chains, just now we're too stupid to not believe everyone else who tells we look great just as we are, don't strive for too much.

you would think all these rich ass athletes would put their money together and try to cut out our own piece of land. that is what should have happen when slavery was abolished in the US, they should have worked something out we're all the newly free black people we're sent to their own version of puerto rico or something. it works out, because technically the slaves we're purchased, it was business, and there was no obligation to share the land with the slaves once our morality caught up to us. because this relationship isn't going to work. being a black american is a reminder of the stain on united state's history. i just can't imagine america, black people, and the world ever getting over that when looking at a black person.

I dont want to be rude, but I think you are just making a lot of excuses.
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