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Default Re: Wall piece ... opinions?

Originally Posted by Hoodlum Science
Exactly, because your long blonde hair style on a man isn't 1970's Poison gay ass rock band shit at all.

Fucking idiot. Now please, get out of my thread. I swear, you'-re one of the boa-rd's biggest douchbags, plus, most lacking style being in the the history of Insidehoops. You've been that way since day one, and never evolved since. You're a lost cause. Just get the fuck out. Sad POS.

Poison is an 80's band and my hair isn't nearly long enough (relatively speaking).

Hey, at least we know that when you go on your next pill-popping manic binge that leaves you jobless and alone...there'll be a job at Pier One Imports waiting for you. Keep up the good work you ****ing burn-out loser.
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