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Default Re: Wall piece ... opinions?

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Poison is an 80's band and my hair isn't nearly long enough (relatively speaking).

Hey, at least we know that when you go on your next pill-popping manic binge that leaves you jobless and alone...there'll be a job at Pier One Imports waiting for you. Keep up the good work you ****ing burn-out loser.

You just don't quit. I asked you to get out. You just have to have the last word huh? Your pride just kicks in over-drive and you can't just do what you're told you do. It's obvious pride is your greatest vice. At any rate, you're a got damn faggot. I don't like faggots. If anyone wants to question that claim, look no further than your avatar picture. Please stop "must have" the last word and just GTFO.

"Jobless" ... I run and manage an entire insurance agency. How is that jobless? Please explain"?

And as for you? Have fun walking around in the woods in your orange vest suit counting insects on trees or whatever the fuck it is you do to make a measly 24k a year working for the state of Arkansas. Your life is so damn purposeful ... I mean damn, let us all bow down and drown in the envy that soaks us.

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