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Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
I've gotten a subscription to Sirius radio every year since Stern joined in 2006. I listened to him a ton back then. The past couple years? Not so much. Since he re-signed a couple years ago he's on only about 3 days a week and takes several vacations. The music stations are great but there are so many internet radio stations that are better like Pandora and Spotify.

I have Netflix already. But I'm thinking about cancelling Sirius when my subscription runs out in November and getting something like Hulu Plus which would save over $100 or just cancelling and just saving the money.

Anyone else have Sirius-XM and listen to Stern or Opie and Anthony? I like their show too. But now I can find their show online pretty much the day after it airs.
I have the Howard Stern and Comedy package, I love it. When Howard Stern show is a repeat, my go to channel is either blue collar comedy or raw dog uncensored. For those long distance drives, be it work related or family vacations, nothing makes the time fly better than some Howard. I also have the home dock so I can take my serious inside or outdoors if were drinking in the patio. Good luck on whatever package you decide on next.
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