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Default Re: Wall piece ... opinions?

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
I merely told you multi panels are out of style. No one gives a shit about your thread. I was just trying to help you out.

A little reading comprehension would unveil that I didn't claim you are jobless, I claim that you will be jobless after your next manic cycle, which may be starting now; I mean why else would someone go on a basketball website asking about multi panel art if they weren't on a manic pill popping binge? I pray for you, and hope that your next woman won't leave your sorry ass limp dick for Jesus.

You can do it man, just don't give up.

No, here's the basic truth. Because you-r p-ride controls you, you must have the last word, so you can/t/won't just STFU like I asked you to do. As a result, the thread is pretty much nothing now. I simply refuse to do this merry go round bullshit with you. I'm no longer- going to ask you to just leave, b/c you obviously take pleasure with having the last word (makes you feel more manly, to make up g-round for having such feminine hair, faggot.), arguing or whatever- the hell it is your twisted mind gets off on.

You're truly pathetic. Have your last word, you win, whatever.

I can easily picture you sitting there behind your keyboard and monitor looking just as you do in your avatar picture, all pissed off and pitiful posting your "last word" against me in here. Sadly, you're the only one who truly cares about this back and forth garbage. Like I said, you win, so please, stop being such a douchbag, and get on with a real life.

You'd be amazed to know there's so much more to life than arguing with people you'll never see face to face on some message board; you know, things such as pussy. And I'm obviously referencing pussy that's attached to a real women, and not a wanna be woman, such as yourself. If you were to pull down your pants in the middle of say a shopping mall, grocery store or whatever and it exposed what looked like a legitimate pussy, I seriously doubt anyone would be surprised, in the slightest. What I'm trying to tell you is, find some real pussy. It might help you relax a little instead of always being Mr. Grumpy on a basketball message boa-rd - which is some sad, sad shit my friend.
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