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Default Re: Amazing!! Lady convinced school shooter to put his guns down

You guys might not think society or our lifestyles are getting worse, but it's definitely changing at a pace where no one is able to predict an outcome in the near future. There's a lot of things to be worried about though. The lack of hard working professionals in the western world, the lack of interest in politics, the governments monitoring and brainwashing and the fact that everyone is too comfortable and numb to truly care, besides maybe posting a rant online. The destruction of the nuclear family. The rich getting richer and the gap widening. Manipulation of currency and the stocks market. The Lobbying. Technology exponentially advancing, in the hands of the government and corporations.

I mean we might be living in a pretty comfortable age in the Western Hemisphere, but for how long and at what cost? It seems like the balance is hanging by a thread, and once this picture perfect gets spoiled, the outcome won't be pretty.

In my opinion, not only is it inevitable, it is also, in the context of modern history, imminent.
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