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Default Re: the world, america, and black people

Originally Posted by COnDEMnED
To me it sounds like you're calling every African American a non American or "unreal" American citizen, maybe I read that wrong, but even me as a white dude, if someone told me I wasn't an American citizen, I would be a little upset at that. I love my country and I love her citizens, in the grand scheme of things, it's "us" against the rest of the world... When something goes wrong, we all have each other to fall back on.. The part about not sleeping with an African "American" was a bit confusing to me also, it almost sounded like a hint of racism, like you were racist against her because she was a black American.. I'm not sure if that doesn't open up some worm hole in the universe or something, I don't know if its possible for an African American to be racist towards another African American.. I don't know... Maybe it works if your just racist towards her because of her "American" part..

well if citizenship was related to who helped build this place, then black americans could definitely say we're citizens. but i don't trust my government to not try and take away my citizenship. what do i do if that time comes? simply go over to another country that views black americans as negatively as america? i'm going to do my best go further and life and if i get the opportunity to help with such a project, one that has black americans carving out their own place on the planet.

regarding the black american women thing; its not a matter of not sleeping with them, no. i'm talking about if i was in a position to think that if the race of my children would dictate the quality of their or even prevent them from harm (like the government taking away their citizenship), i want them to have another homeland they can go to and actually have blood ties to it and not have to put up with anyone saying they don't belong. black americans came here in chains, its too easy for people to treat us like we don't belong.

Originally Posted by COnDEMnED
I'm wondering honestly if your confusing maybe some of the way Americans are bickering back and fourth about immigration and the needed immigration reform with some sort of hate for African Americans? If maybe that has something to do with it, I can tell you its never been about black immigrants, more about illegal Mexican and Canadians.

Could you maybe fill me in on some of the point I touched on?

remember, i'm not saying african americans. black americans (yes of african descent, but there is a difference). african americans are in the same boat as someone who is japanese american. the black american is in a very weird middle of the world where technically they are immigrants (but no more than their white neighbors), but this is very much our home country too, but because we don't control anything, own much of anything, its almost like we have no foundation to stand on in a country we're calling our home. foundation seems necessary.
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