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Default Re: George Zimmerman shops for shotgun!?!?!??

Originally Posted by COnDEMnED
What is it? Ill take a look at it.

Edit: Having taken a look at the inconsistencies of the stories and the changes within them, I've come to the same conclusion that I've already had. George may have been guilty of being a racist, bigot, wanna-be cop reject, fulfilling his fantasies by being a roleplaying vigilante in his spare time, he obviously is a liar, but I come to the same conclusion as before, you can't convict someone for second degree murder for being a trash human being, it takes conclusive, without a shadow of a doubt, evidence. Clearly there is a part of the story that we will never know, but even being 98% sure George initiated the fight with Trayvon , without even GETTING into the stand your ground law, it's not enough for a conviction. It's the way our justice department is structured for the time being, it's not perfect, but it's what we have.

Do I think he should have been convicted for second degree murder? No
Do I think he should have gotten off the hook completely? I don't think that either.

Bottom line, the prosecution failed horribly in creating a case against George Zimmerman, a guilty man walked free. Do I think he is guilty of second degree murder and deserved to spend the rest of his life in prison? No I don't. That doesn't mean I don't think he deserved something..

In a nut shell, that's my honest opinion. I hope I replied to your satisfaction.
nice reply; thank you for that.

we're not so far apart, i think. to me it was only ever manslaughter, not 2nd degree murder. the area where i would disagree with you is in bold.

just due to the properties of reality, you can rarely know anything for sure, if ever. IMO best you can really do is to verify or falsify, although they are not mutually exclusive either. that may not be the way the FL justice system works, and i get that, and angela corey may be a sorry excuse for a prosecutor, and i get that, too... but such things are an aside from the simple reality of this:

it very much appears to me that george zimmerman was the primary reason for that boy's death.

no george zimmerman driving along that day, no reason to doubt trayvon martin makes it home safely from his candy run.
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