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Default Re: 9erempiree is finally banned!

Originally Posted by FiveRings
I'm a Lakers fan and huge Kobe fan, and I think 9er is annoying as hell. All he does is make dumb threads about how Kobe is the GOAT or threads about how much MJ sucked. His trolling is not funny or clever. Glad he was banned but I expect to see him back.

I don't care if TonyMontana is banned. I skip over his posts most of the time, like I do with Silk, because who wants to read walls of text with nothing but trolling over and over? These guys are just as big clowns as the Kobe fans who call him GOAT, but these guys don't annoy me. 9er annoyed me alot more because he's a fellow Kobe fan.
Didn't you said one time you were Wilds09? I am pretty sure that was you.
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