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Default Re: George Zimmerman shops for shotgun!?!?!??

Originally Posted by DeuceWallaces
Intersting. Hard to instigate a fight from inside your car. Perhaps if he would have listened to the operator he wouldn't have ruined two people's lives. Although, go ahead, keep being a ****ing moron. It's cool to go against the grain on the internet.

Absolutely agree he should have stayed in the car, I clearly said I was against vigilantism. Still thats not a crime. And I agree that racial profiling is wrong, and would even be open to legislation against it. But you cant pass a law and retroactively enforce it.

I am not sure why you are being so hostile when people try to express an opinion different than yours in a respectful manner.

I am not really going against the grain... You realize at court the jury found zim not guilty of murder which means they judged the shooting as self defense right?

Originally Posted by Pointguard
Do you believe the trainer or do you believe that Trayvon had a habit of fighting? Its hard to believe in both.

I dont see how Zim being a bad fighter and trayvon having a habit of fighting as being contradictory. I believe both and dont see how they contradict.

An article from cnn detailing about trayvon's texts. Unless you challenge CNN's reporting as biased. I have already posted a link to an article discussing Zim's MMA trainer's testimony. I dont think someone would lie for a client at a murder trial under oath.

Zimmerman had like only two confirmed received blows as by the evidence presented.

Please provide a source for this. I dont think at all its clear how many times zim was hit, but I think its clear that trayvon did not get hit once by a melee blow.

Here is my source detailing zim's injuries again.

A teenager who would be totally wild with a stranger fighting him because he had it out for him for no reason (and whom he might believe trying to kill him or rape him). And you believe this teenager was a very experienced fighter.

I am not saying for sure he was a great fighter, but I think its clear he was more physically capable than Zimmerman. Trayvon had gotten suspend from school for fighting in the past and he had various text message bragging about his fighting skill. Even if you dismiss that the physical evidence of zim's broken nose, black eyes and cuts to the back of his head give an indication that trayvon was clearly the better fighter of the 2. I know legal trayvon was not an adult, but physically the 17 year old trayvon was more physically capable than the fat short zimmerman.

Zimmerman had enough confidence to go behind his back and get the gun and perhaps receive only his two blows of the fight.

I remember that zim had his gun around his hip/waist. And further where are you getting that he was only struck twice?

Very few non trained people can hold a teenager down for a minute and receive only two blows and then after a minute of holding him down be confident enough to put one hand behind his back. A weak person has no chance.

Yeah I am not sure if your are trolling now... First of all even the prosecution concedes that trayvon was on top of zimmerman. Secondly there are cuts to the back of zimmerman's head. Zim never held trayvon down... At least there is no evidence indicating that.

Please read the article detailing zims injuries and trayvon's autopsy report

You will blindly believe both because it fits what you want to believe. But it makes no sense. Very few people can be in a street fight with a teenager for a minute, much less in a compromised position. Which side of the story do you believe?

Actually during the initial reporting of the story I thought Zim killed a 12 year old boy stalking him down a shooting him in the back while he ran. I thought zim should have gotten the death penalty.

Facts that I learned during the trial changed my opinion that it was murder and instead I believe now zim racially profiled trayvon, and antagonized him, but he shot trayvon to stop trayvon from forcing his head into the ground, which trayvon was doing while mounted on top of zimmerman after he knocked him down. Also zim got his nose broken and had black eyes at the end.

Basically I reached the same conclusion as the jury

The physical evidence, definitely says Zimmerman was very strong and at the least had control enough to put one hand behind his back a minute into a fight.

We will just have to agree to disagree. I dont interpret this medical report and autopsy report at all as you have.

I don't think zim had any control of the fight. I think he was on his back and in a panic as his head was being forced into the ground, reached down to his hip and pulled out his hand.

What is that physical evidence?

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