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Default Re: Question: Can you tell a delivery person to deliver something at a specific time?

Originally Posted by GOBB
FedEx, and USPS handle amazon packages as well. UPS will often drop off amazon packages to the post office for them to in turn deliver the package. Due to UPS not being able to handle so many parcels. So amazon uses a combination of these places. If you selected the 1-2 shipping then its a good chance that UPS will deliver. Unsure of their delivery times. If its a different way of shipping usps most likely. usps and amazon have a deal so usps has been handling a large quantity of amazon parcels (increased revenue).

No clue how UPS works but doubt you can tell them what time to deliver it. Usually they have a time frame where you can expect the package. Post office unless you're cool with your mail carrier? No you cant tell them when to deliver your package. Chances are since you are a kid you're not cool with your mail carrier. So it'll come the normal scheduled time you get your mail daily.

Let me guess you ordered GTA 5 and want to avoid your parents discovering the package given how strict they are against the game?
Well GTA V is going to be even harder since they will guess because of the shape of the box... thanks for the info though. It seems I'm fvcked.
Originally Posted by Bandito
Wait you got money to spend on Hentai but not on tips?

But seriously, if it is UPS you're fvcked UNLESS they movies comes in brown packaging, which it will obviously will. But the question is if your parents will open the package?
it'snot hentai, and my parents usually respect my privacy enough not to open it BUT they will want to watch me open it and know what was in it.
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