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Default Re: Question: Can you tell a delivery person to deliver something at a specific time?

If no one is home when they try to initially deliver it, then they will leave a small piece of paper on your door called an infonotice instead of the package, on the paper, it will give you the option of signing the paper and allowing them to leave the package on the door step the next day, or it will give you an infonotice number that you can enter into the tracking section of their website, after you do that, you will be able to select different delivery options, one of the options is what time they will deliver.

This is only the way UPS does it though, sometimes Amazon will ship through USPS or Fed Ex Smartpost, and they will just leave the package no matter what on your doorstep.

So if it is shipping through UPS, make sure no one is home on the initial delivery, and they will leave the info notice (or they are supposed to) and once you have that paper, you can select the delivery time for the next day.
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