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Originally Posted by kNIOKAS
Red-lipped batfish do not swim very well, so they use their pectoral fins to walk around the sea floor. Their dorsal fin is not needed for balance, so before reaching adulthood it changes to a single projection over their head. This structure, known as an illicium, attracts prey. The red-lipped batfish live in the waters around the Galapagos Islands and are found about 30.5 m (100 ft) below the surface.
in my neck of the woods we call that the mick jagger fish!

anyway, just saw this... it was a first for me:

Facebook - Rockjumper - Worldwide Birding Adventures

Photo of the day – This exquisite little thing is called the Himalayan Cutia, which, as its name implies, occurs in Asia’s mighty Himalayas, where it inhabits broad-leafed forests in the lower-lying foothill regions. Markus Lilje captured this glorious image in Bhutan, where this particular species is always a favourite amongst both guests and tour leaders alike – and for obvious reasons!
himalayan cutie!
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